Why moss?



Our moss grows and is harvested under the supervision of the State Supervision and comes from Norway.

Moss is a wonderful product to work with and we look forward to create specially for you.

The "wow" and "wows" will not fail.

Moss is a guaranteed eyecatcher.


After harvesting, the moss receives a natural, environmentally-friendly treatment, so that it remains beautiful, fresh and green for many years.

The unique thing is of course that the moss needs no care,  no water, no light required.

How sustainable is that?


Fire retardant


Good for the acoustics

Insect free

No waste of water and light

No monthly maintenance costs


How long can the moss be kept for?


Touching the moss and low humidity influence the lifespan. Try to avoid both as much as possible and our moss products will stay beautiful for years. On average, a moss wall can easily remain beautiful for 10 years under the right conditions.



Moss is also a wonderful indication to check whether the humidity in a room is ok for your employees and residents.

The humidity in a room should be above 40%.

Humidity below 20% is bad for the people in the room, headaches, dry throats, general throat complaints, dry eyes and allergies can be caused by this.



The moss is a nice indicator because the moss is normally very soft and fluffy to the touch.

When the humidity is not ok then the moss becomes dry and stiff and can break easily. Tip: do not touch it untill the humidity has recovered, the moss will restore itself to its natural shape and softness.


Ideal anyway!