You probably know it, you are just fine at work and a colleague gets a call, you work with headphones but you are still distracted.

Or you can have a nice dinner after your work day and want to enjoy your company and food in peace. But that is made completely impossible by all the chatter and sound. Such that you would prefer to leave again?



 Does your workplace deserve more atmosphere? Do you want more privacy at your workplace? Are the ideas full of color but the walls white? Workplaces around the world are becoming greener and there is a need for flexible workspaces. To make this possible, we have developed the MossDivider.


You want to redesign your office, canteen, practice, restaurant or living room. how about an attractive, exclusive eye catcher made of maintenance-free moss?

The Metiez Mossdivider


Our mobile moss walls are real mood makers and can be produced in any desired format. The Mossdivider in different wood types, colors and moss types even as Jungle Walls.

Whichever room divider you choose, you will always receive the best quality from us.


We assume the golden ratio.

Ask us about our competitive prices, we deliver the highest quality and everything is made with the same care and expertise.


A suitable moss divider for every budget.


For prices, sizes and colors and numbers please contact Hans Westerduin 0031 (0) 28878836



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