We at Metiez want to work as environmentally-friendly and efficiently as possible. All our moss grows and is harvested under state supervision. In the entire process we try to be environmentally friendly with an eye on nature. The moss is colored and treated with environmentally friendly fabrics. The adhesives we use are also made from natural materials. Reindeer moss is attached to panels with around 2000 staples per m2, we are still looking for a better solution. Considering this moss is best stapled. If there is someone who has a solution for this, please contact us, we are open to it.



A moss divider as any mos product is also a great indicator of the humidity in a room.

Restoring the humidity is of great importance for the well-being and health of people staying in these spaces.

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In general, a relative humidity between 30% and 70% is perceived as pleasant. The difficulty in controlling humidity is that the amount of moisture in the air is always relative. Our moss becomes stiff and dry and sensitive to touch when the humidity is not right.



A too low or high humidity is a disadvantage for everyone staying in this room, it can cause health problems. (See link above) (Do not touch the moss, as this may cause damage) If the humidity is restored, the moss will simply become soft, elastic and fluffy again.