The Japanese have always been progressive in their dealings and connection with nature. The term Kokedama is therefore derived from Japanese. "Koke" means moss and "Kama" means ball. Because they had limited space but still wanted a piece of nature inside, they came up with the Kokedama.


Normal Kokedamas you have to water, remove leaves, repot (disguise) and pay attention.


You only have to enjoy, Metiez Kokedamas.



How is that possible?

Our moss balls are made from the same moss as our moss walls:  100% are natural and real.

They have undergone a natural treatment keeping them beautiful for years.



How easy can that be!



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To be placed in hard-to-reach places

Completely maintenance free

No water, light or maintenance required




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Below you can see a Kokedama mixed with Eucalyptus Nicoly and Eucalyptus Baby blue vert