Choose your moss

  • All the moss we use is 100% real and natural.

    You can certainly enjoy a beautiful moss wall for 10 years and longer.

    (bright) sunlight can fade the color over time.


    There are always pine needles between our mosses (note that these can sting considerably). If you appreciate it, we also process the pine cones that we find in the moss in the moss creations.


  • Dust and dirt-repellent

    o Does not require light

    o Fire retardant

    o Great for the acoustics

    o Insect-free

    o No maintenance required

    o No water

    o No light

Types off moss


Our room dividers can be covered with these 3 types of standard moss.

And 1 other type of moss.


Flat moss

Flat moss this moss most closely resembles the moss that also grows in our forests.

We also get this moss from abroad and grows and is harvested under state supervision.

All with great respect for nature.

This moss also receives the same nature-friendly treatment as our other mosses and therefore also has the same properties.

Platmos has a wonderful serene, rustic, luxurious and sturdy appearance.


Reindeer moss

Reindeer moss comes from Norway and grows and is harvested just like our flat moss under state supervision.

Reindeer moss is naturally natural, and after picking by hand is colored with a natural and environmentally friendly color.

Reindeer moss is available in various green colors, but also in many other colors.



Globe moss

Bolmos is the luxury type of moss that is available, it also takes a long time before a nice ball is formed.

That also makes this moss species more expensive, but if you want something exclusive then globe moss is irresistible.

It is stunningly beautiful.

Certainly in our Moss dividers




We regularly have Fernmos at our disposal.

This is a beautiful species of moss where every blade is a mini sail. It is only available in green.

However, this type of moss is not available throughout the year, but we will do our utmost to get hold of it if you wish.

However, there may be a delivery time.



Upstairs pictures from left to right.

1 Mossgreen 2 Middelgreen 3 Springgreen 4 Naturel green ( no 4 is the real color off Raindeermoss

Upstairs picture from left to right. 1 platmoss  2 fernmoss 3 bolmoss groen, bolmoss is ook in een kleur van het fernmoss verkrijgbaar

Pictures upstairs  you see one off the many mixed mosses. Moss is a nature product and eacht mosswall can be diferend.  . foto 1 is mix van rendiermos foto 3 is een mix van rendier, plat en bolmoss

Picture upstairs you see Raindeermoss  1 Roze  2 zilvergrijs  3 rood  4 zwart

Picture upstairs you see Raindeermoss  1 Yellow  2 lila we have more colors. It is possible that the colors have a dilvidery time



There is also yellow, orange, gray, brown Reindeer moss and many more colors. It is possible that these colors have a longer delivery time and they may differ in price.

Feel free to contact us. We will do our utmost to make your ideas come true and we will go for competitive prices.

Jungle wall mossdivider


It is also possible to purchase a junge wall moss divider.

We use plants that are treated just like the moss, so that they stay beautiful for years.

We would like to point out that the plants are also natural products and that we must take harvest times into account when purchasing.

We strive to keep as much variation as possible.

Every moss divider or Urban jungel wall is a unique piece.


With us you can choose from 2 types of jungle moss dividers.

1 Mossdivider urban jungle with some plants

2 Mossdivider urban jungle de luxe with many plants and different types of moss


For an extra price it is also possible to process cork bark or branches, pine cones and preserved roses, orchids or other flowers in a jungle moss divider.

The prices and availability depend on the offer and the season.


We can create endlessly




Below you will find a small selection of the plant species for the Jungle Moss dividers

A small selection of the plants that we can use in the Jungle Moss dividers from left to right 1 varens 2 appelblad  3 Eucalyputus baby blue vert  4 papyrus

From left to right 1 mini varens 2 eucalyptus nicoly  3 airplantjes  4 ammaranthe 

From left to right,  ming fern  2 three fern  3 ficus  4 verns