The science


The book Biophillic Design by Edward Wilson shows that we humans have a desire for nature. Only 1% of our time on earth do we live in a built environment. No wonder we feel calm and safe in nature. It is our biological home. Multiple investigations confirm this. Another study from 2011 shows that the mental and physical health of hospital patients increases significantly with a view of natural greenery. (Raanaas, 2012)


 Cost saving

Moss is an attractive natural product, it is 100% natural and completely maintenance-free!

In addition to the above advantages, there are no more unexpected costs for a monthly maintenance contract, you save on water use, no extra light needed.

So in short; very interesting.



Metiez Nature Matters. Vereeuwig jullie bedrijfslogo op een natuurlijke maar geheel onderhoudsvrij Moswand.