Urban Jungle Moss Wall


Bringing nature in, it is very normal nowadays. Interior designers use natural elements, offices fill their walls with living greenery and science shows us the benefits. The disadvantage of plants is that you have to maintain them, and that costs money. Our Urban Jungle Wall offer the same appearance without incurring maintenance costs. Every careertiger feels at home between the Urban Jungle Wall! 


Endless possibilities


Every Urban Jungle Wall is made to measure. These creations are always unique. In addition to moss, prepared leaves are used. Ferns, eucalyptus, and many other species are possible. Bark, wood, colored accents or even your company logo can also be implemented. We think your wishes and ideas are the most important. We are happy to be surprised!


More fun and easier


Urban Jungle Wall speak to the imagination. People associate a wall full of plants, moss and leaves with the rainforest or the Amazon. You can dream away with it and it brings the space to life! Because we use prepared leaves, you do not have to water our Urban Jungle Wall, they do not need light and they always remain beautiful. Whether it will fit? We like to think in terms of solutions and when in doubt we just come by. Very easy!